Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Freemasons donate nearly £1 million to UK charities! - Freemasonry Today

Freemasons donate nearly £1 million to UK charities! - Freemasonry Today

Viewers Of Child Porn Will Not Be Charged.

With the statement of #KeithBristow ,head of the national crime agency, that many people who download images of child porn will not face charges, goes all chance of justice for the victims.
Bristow, in charge of the NCA since October, has seen the evidence against thousands of people - many thousands.
He has reached the same conclusion as the rest of us that know the numbers - there are too many to be dealt with immediately.
The government, committed to defending their own wealthy nonce friends will not allow the resources to deal with this issue.
They will/are/have dithered,delayed,lied about the #CSAinquiry ,cut the number of Police Officers to the bone and have still given nothing to support the victims ie #Rotherham etc etc etc.
Nothing has changed. The abuse for thousands continues.
OUR government is failing us - badly.
What next ?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

If Just One Policeman Has A Different Paymaster ?

Operation Pallial.
Operation Yewtree.
Operation Fairbank.
Operation etc etc.
All current police operations set up to investigate cases of historic child abuse.
All using good, honest policemen who hate abusers and want the truth to out.
All collating and gathering information from the UK police forces.
What if..?
One of the team had a different paymaster ?
All that information...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An Honour To Play For Your Country.

Ched Evans is soon to be released from prison after being sentenced to 5 years for rape in 2012.
Before committing the rape, Evans was a footballer playing for Sheffield United.
There is discussion whether he should be allowed to play on his release.
Ched Evans may have 'paid his debt to society' though not his victim.
He will soon be free to continue his life and career - as it should be.
To play for Wales his national country ?
I dont think so.

Flight #MH17 and Economic Sanctions Against Russia.

When Malaysian Airlines Flight #MH17 came down in the Ukraine - it was obviously shot down by Russian rebels.

I know this because my #Government and #Media told me so.

The West imposed #EconomicSanctions against the naughty Russians.

Now we find that Flight #MH17 may NOT have been the work of the rebels or Russia.

The economic sanctions are not really hurting Russia but those EU countries that do business with Russia.

The Obama administration and the European Union have some explaining to do.

Why have the imposed sanctions not been lifted ?

Why are we still publicising the #Lies that Russia was to blame ?

Why do the Western Governments want war ?

Clay Cross Rent Rebellion