Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning Star :: Big boost for builders

Morning Star :: Big boost for builders




Children Are Dying. #Gaza

My prime minister supports israels right to 'defend itself'.
This child like all the other dead and wounded and traumatised children have no means of defence.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Lost Boys (Operation Orchid BBC documentary, Sidney Cooke etc.)

Sniper Shoots Unarmed Civilian. #Gaza

Shooting unarmed civilian while he was looking for his family.


voiceforchildren: Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry A Fake, Pa...

voiceforchildren: Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry A Fake, Pa...: Former Jersey Politician, Deputy Daniel Wimberley has issued a Press Release (below) w...



Infiltrated: Mossad in Malaysia -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net

Infiltrated: Mossad in Malaysia -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net: http://www.sott.net/article/282329-Infiltrated-Mossad-in-Malaysia?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Ten Days To See A Doctor.

Just listened in to my partners attempt at making an appointment to see her doctor.
Fully booked for ten days.
Is it any wonder more people are attending over-stretched Accident+Emergency departments ?
Where are the doctors ?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#Amnesty For All #Whistleblowers

#Amnesty for all whistle blowers.
#Amnesty for victims of #ChildAbuse telling their stories.
#Amnesty for civil servants and police whistle blowers.
#Amnesty for NHS whistle blowers.

#NameAndShame #EstablishmentAbusers There Is #NoJustice

Child Abuse survivors will NEVER have their day in court.

Establishment figures and politicians will NEVER be charged with abuse.
Government, Police and the Secret Services will NEVER give up the evidence.
The TRUTH will not OUT.

And there will never be healing or closure or justice for the victims of the sick bastards.

Unless they tell their stories NOW.

Give up the idea of justice through our legal system.
Mainstream media will not report the cases.

Social media is the only way.
Our system is riddled with corrupt perverts and criminals.
#NameAndShame NOW.

I support you as will the majority of society when the stories are OUT.


Legend of the Appendix | Dark Cheese

Ripped-off Britons: How the rich and their servants in government blam...

Ripped-off Britons: How the rich and their servants in government blam...: It is not just a recent event, but events over the centuries. Politicians are bought by people with money. This brilliant animated fairy t...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pope Francis’ second challenge in two days on sex abuse | National Catholic Reporter

Pope Francis’ second challenge in two days on sex abuse | National Catholic Reporter


Protecting Child Abusers.

Child abuse and paedophilia has been in the news a lot this year.

We have heard about the terrible abuse by jimmy savile.
The trials and imprisonment of stuart hall, max clifford and rolf harris.
Allegations of destroying evidence, cover ups and historic sex abuse
against lords of the land such as leon brittan and greville janner.

Janner has been given a get out of jail card by reason of his failing health.
Perhaps the doctors at ATOS could reassess his medical condition and fitness for trial.
Our government setting up a review of last years review into historic child abuse(!)
An inquiry without a chair or guidelines.

What a mess.

This past week has seen over 660 arrests for alleged child abuse.
Policeman, doctors, scout leaders and others from all walks of life.
Apart from the rich and titled.
Smoke mirrors and diversions...

We know of 'dirt books' - information on the seedier nature of establishment figures being used to silence and control those in parliament and big business.
Who and what type of person would use these books for their own profit ?
Who would allow these SCUM to remain in positions of authority instead of informing police ?

2014 has seen the phone hacking trials end with a whimper and minor sentences for some bad people.
A trial which did NOT touch upon the real crimes of the accused.
Did Rupert Murdoch manipulate and apply pressure behind the scenes ?
For pressure read BLACKMAIL.

#RupertMurdoch has one of the biggest 'dirt books' around.
Decades of information gathered by reporters and private investigators in his employ.
Murdoch would have used any tool to keep his minions and others from implicating him in criminal activity and protect his reputation and empire.

Our government - past and present is rotten to the core.
As is our secret services, our police services and our public services.

Open all D notices.
Publish the operation ore report in full.
A public inquiry into the abuses of those in power.

It may mean the downfall of our society.
I suggest that may be a good thing.

Blackmail And Control.

and/or blackmailing the establishment re Waving their dirt books in the face of government.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

BBC Radio, 15th July 2014 :Dr Liz Davies and David Tombs.

Unemployment Figures Down(?).

Unemployment figures are down.
This should be good news.
Unemployment has fallen as so many people have been forced off the register.
They are not employed and if they are it is on zero hour contracts.
Waiting each morning for a phone call to say if there is work that day is NOT employment.
Nor is it a good way to live.
Atos(ers) stopping benefits for the disabled is also a reason for the fall.
It is taking weeks and even months for their claims to be re-assessed.
They are either dying or suffering real hardships waiting for the system to help them.
Not a good way to live either.
Yet the figures are down and the con-dem nation crow their 'success'.
It is not a success - it is a catastrophe.
Our government is failing us.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ripped-off Britons: Graphs at a glance: Whose afraid of affordable housing in London? London councils take money from developers in lieu of affordable houses.

Ripped-off Britons: Graphs at a glance: Whose afraid of affordable housing in London? London councils take money from developers in lieu of affordable houses.

MI5 Instigated Child Abuse At Kincora Children's Home.

There is no doubt that MI5 knew about the Kincora sex abuse scandal and kept it quiet.
For evidence we have the testimony of a man described by MI5 itself as an energetic, reliable and brave source of intelligence who had proved himself on many occasions. This praise was heaped on the head of a man known as 'Observer B' at the Bloody Sunday tribunal.
"My case officer told me to leave McGrath to them and I have always believed they used the information (about his sexual activities) to recruit him as an informer," Observer B told me.
He was referring to William McGrath, the housemaster of Kincora Boys' Home and one of three men later jailed for abusing youngsters in his care. Observer B, who had supplied a dossier to MI5, was promptly told to leave McGrath's Tara paramilitary group and join the UDA.
The person praising Observer B to Lord Saville's tribunal was one of his former handlers, a career MI5 agent known as 'Julian'. His evidence, which was given in London in May 2003, is preserved in the National Archives and available online.
Julian made it clear that Observer B, although not a republican, was a prized security service informant in Londonderry at the time.
Observer B was a former British Army Sergeant Major, an Englishman married to a local woman. He died in 2003, but I spoke to him in 1987 about his efforts to alert the authorities to Kincora before his handlers made his financial problems disappear to shut him up.
There was immediate confirmation of his status when Admiral William Higgins, Secretary of the Defence Advisory Committee, warned me that giving the man's whereabouts or naming his handlers would be a breach of national security and punishable as such.
But he wasn't the operative who tried to raise Kincora.
In May 1987 I published the story of a former Field Intelligence Non Commissioned Officer (FINCO). Unlike Observer B this FINCO is still alive.
In 1976 he was posted to east Belfast and became aware of Tara and McGrath. He posted a report to senior officers who told him to take no action.
McGrath had first come in contact with the intelligence community in the 1950s when he smuggled Bibles into Russia.
His handler was said to be an MI5 officer working in Old Holywood Road who was later charged with an offence against a young boy.
Such issues cannot be let lie.

Kincora: MI5 knew about it but did nothing, that much is certain

Kincora: MI5 knew about it but did nothing, that much is certain





Black Uhuru - Somebody's Watching You [oringinal mix]